Twerking on the Topics is a new show steadily gaining momentum. The hosts, Patrick and Steph give a rundown of current trending topics in pop culture, but rather than just reporting the celebrity gossip they provide the best tips and tricks to "live your life" and "get your life." 

The show’s casual tone feels like you’re having a drink with your new friends sans hangover. 

The show launched in late March 2017 continues to grow from the ground up, developing a loyal following. 


With hair as big as his personality, Patrick is our resident entertainment guru, bringing you the latest in entertainment news and the best ways to p-pop away your blues. He's best friends with Beyonce and Oprah (in his head) and is always ready for a 'Super Soul Sunday' sit down and/or a 'Get me Bodied' breakdown, as he often says, "Twerking too can be spiritual."


Stephanie puts the 'twerk' in twerking on the topics, (dutty) winding down the hottest entertainment stories. You can always rely on Steph to serve, since she graduated from the school of slay.

Life connoisseurs, Steph & Patrick talk about everything including careers, life, and activism, all with a dose of twerking.

Want to be a guest or have something to say? Email twerkingonthetopics at gmail dot com.