GoldJuice Duo, WillGottheJuice2 and OliviaG0ld 

Social superstars and power couple Gold Juice popped in the studio to teach us how to DM and what they would do for $100Million in Episode 21. 


Artist TJ Wisco (FloorSessions)

Our favorite artist TJ Wisco stopped by to help us out with a game of Dicktionary. DM us if you would like to have either of the pieces she drew during our 19th episode. 

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The Legendary B Scott

Entertainment and Celebrity blogger and YouTube personality B Scott - lovebscott.com- joins for Episode 18 at Dash Radio. 


Kristen Fraser

Kfrastar, Patrick and Steph's third leg, joins Twerking on the Topics for Episode 12: THE NEW COMMANDMENTS.