Thou shalt give less fucks. 

It almost seems as if life happens in themes. Sometimes it’s like life is giving us a lesson or an assignment - so it just keeps showing up until we’ve nailed it.  So I’ve decided to start sharing my themes and what I’m doing about it. 

This week’s Theme is:  

Thou shalt give less fucks. 

It’s a tried and true one really, there are many names for it. Fierce, unapologetic, free, no regrets.  This isn’t an original theme, but it’s one I’ve been thinking a lot about this week. It’s easy to conceptualize but hard to put into practice. especially if you are an over thinker…which I suspect a vast majority of us are.


So to help, here’s a list of 10 things to give less fucks about:

1) if your thotty Instagram is work appropriate

2) if your latest Raya crush is going to message you 

3) What time you have to wake up in the morning / how tired you are

4) if your presence makes others feel inferior, insecure or uncomfortable

5) if people staring at you / judging you

6) if you hurt someone’s feelings 

7) saying the “right” thing 

8) doing the “right” thing 

9) if you don’t know what you’re doing in life

10) how many people you’ve slept with / if you should have sex or not


Here are some things you should give a fuck about: 

1) having fun / living your best life

2) friends and family (and maintaining relationships in general) 

3) being your best self 

4) being grateful 

Stephanie Young